magneticUSB 2.0

Fast. Secure. Simple.

The new magneticUSB cable. The intelligent magnetic interface automatically finds its counterpart connector on the computer and prevents accidental pull-out of cables.

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High-Speed USB

Full USB 2.0 speed with 480 Mbit/s.

German Engineering

Designed in Bavaria. By Rosenberger.


RoHS II compliant. Compliance: Directive 2011/65/EU.

Ready to use immediately.

Remove from package. Use it. magneticUSB can be used right away without any installation. Simply plug it on and your device is ready to use.

Connected fast.

magneticUSB scores twice in terms of speed: With full USB 2.0
480 Mbit/s speed, there are no roadblocks slowing down data transmission between your devices. Moreover, if you use multiple magneticUSB cables, the intelligent magnetic interface enables you to quickly connect and disconnect your devices "on-the-fly".

Fully compatible.

Regardless of which kind of device, there is a magneticUSB that fits. Whether Micro-B, Mini-B or Type B USB 2.0 plug, the magnetic USB cable is available in all variants.

Our innovative magnet technology allows you to connect your smartphone, your navigation device, your tablet, your hard drive, your printer or many other devices with your computer. Of course, you can also use magneticUSB to connect your devices with an LCD-TV or car radio.

Made for you.

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Simply appealing.

  • Magnetic interface for fast connection & disconnection
  • Full USB 2.0 speed with 480 Mbit/s
  • 0.8 m (Micro-B, Mini-B) or 1.8 m (Type-B) length
  • Micro-B, Mini-B and Type-B available
  • Plugs to upgrade further devices with the magnetic interface available separately

Available on Rosenberger Webshop Available on Amazon
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